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    NAS Oceana, VA - Hospital

    In an emergency, call 911.

    The nearest major hospital to Naval Air Station Oceana that provides emergency services is the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, VA. The hospital offers surgical and radiological services as well as an intensive care unit.

    For daily healthcare issues, contact the Medical: Oceana Branch Medical Clinic, 1550 Tomcat Blvd., Suite 150
    Virginia Beach. Appointments can be made by calling 757- 953-3933. The dental clinic is also located at the branch clinics, and appointments can be made by calling 757-953-3910.

    Medical: Oceana Branch Medical Clinic
    1550 Tomcat Blvd.
    Suite 150
    Virginia Beach, VA 23460-2188

    Phone 757- 953-3933
    Phone (DSN) 312-377-3761
    Fax 757-953-3763

    Mon 96 Fri 7:00 - 19:00
    Sat and Sun - closed